Event Driven CCTV Monitoring

We are equipped and qualified to remotely monitor your CCTV system or we can cyber patrol your premises from our 24 Hour Communication Centre.

Remote monitoring as a security measure is a cost-effective and preventative way to protect your home, business or commercial premises. It means that your CCTV systems will be connected to our Communications Centre via the Internet. You will be in total control of when your system is connected and monitored. This connection can be live 24/7 or at times you select, typically when you are not home or your business premises are unattended.

We monitor your system through IMMIX software, that is able to import data from practically any CCTV system, enabling our operatives to monitor a variety of systems on a single interface. This means that if the integrity of your premises is breached and unusual activity is detected, your system will send footage from your CCTV cameras that encapsulates the cause of activation, directly to our specialist operator’s monitoring screen, ready to be actioned.

The cause for activation will immediately be investigated. If there is reason for concern or suspicious activity is spotted, our operator will take immediate action. Actions taken by operators will vary by premises but can include the ability to convey live audio messages from our operator’s console to your premises if an intruder is spotted on site. A live audio message will typically contain the following message:

“Your attention please, this is a security announcement. You are being monitored and recorded on live CCTV. This is private property. Leave now, or further action will be taken.”

An Audio message normally has the desired effect by deterring any potential wrong doers however; we will have escalation procedures in place should the risk remain.

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