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Selection, Screening and Training

We promote quality - especially in the selection, screening and training of our operatives. They will be working directly with our clients on a daily basis, and therefore their performance is vital to our continued success.

To ensure that we deliver a service that is completely in line with our clients' requirements, we adhere to rigorous BS7858 selection, screening and training procedures, ensuring each officer is suitably qualified for what they are required to do.

All potential Evensure Management employees undergo an intensive selection process that exceeds British Standards. The process for each candidate includes:

  • A searching application form designed specifically to be far more revealing than any self-initiated curriculum vitae could ever be.
  • Independent screening, that includes a thorough investigation into the last 5 years of an applicant’s background, with written references from former employers being mandatory. This can, of course, be extended to cover a 10-year period, should it be a pre-requisite for the contract, or considered necessary to maintain the integrity of a particular assignment.
  • Each security officer is selected to serve a specific client, ensuring they have the correct aptitude for that particular assignment.

Assignment training

Thorough assignment training and familiarisation is carried out, ideally before the official commencement of duty, and following direct consultation with our clients. Ongoing training within the organisation ensures continuous development, enhancing the abilities and qualifications of all members of staff.

Most of our officers receive training in basic first aid and fire prevention skills if required. However, the nature of some of our clients' requirements demand more specialised skills, and, in such cases specific and appropriate specialist training is undertaken, following agreement with those clients.


All Evensure Management employees are encouraged and directed by a team of dedicated supervisors and managers. The quality of service delivered to our clients will ultimately depend on those individuals providing the service. Proactive management plays a key role in our philosophy.

Performance monitoring is integral to our service delivery. In our continuous pursuit of excellence, consistent motivation of our security officers is, and will remain, a high priority of the senior management team.

Communications Centre

All assignment-based officers are monitored and supported by a fully staffed, 24-hour, NSI approved communications centre. In addition, we provide 24hour on-the-road management and supervision.

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